Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Up again at 4am, wondering around, listening to Usher, dreaming about computers.

Jet lag is a nasty conglomerate of feeling hungover and then suddenly super sprightly.

It's medically referred to as desynchronosis. Which sounds like an STD. ("Oh he gave me desynchronosis").

It is classified as a circadian rhythm sleep disorder. I know. Insane.

I almost fell asleep standing up last night. I ejected myself from the table, because I thought I may drown in my wanton noodles, and then started to teeter standing up.

Thirty minutes later, I was ready to party. You have fifth winds on jet lag. You don't know whether you're coming or going.

At 4am, I got up to chat to my Brit who is currently in Dusseldorf (we both travel for work. A lot), when I got a phone call from my Welsh colleague.

"You got any tuthpaste." [Said like 'woof.']

Peas: Is there something wrong with you.

"You know, tuthpaste?"

Peas: TOOTHpaste?


Peas: Except you say tuthpaste.

"I'm Welsh."

"Peas:....do you also say 'buth' for booth and 'ruff' for roof?

"No. Just tuth."

Peas: Right. Why're you brushing your teeth at 4am?

"I'm bored."

Gonna push through some mojitos tonight. Hitting Palo Alto, a town in Silicone Valley, for some dinner and drinks.

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