Monday, October 04, 2010

emerlad isle

I'm in Dublin.

Got out the plane, and was blinded by the deceptively alarming light. Was I in Malaga or was I in Ireland?

I come to Ireland every year, always for work. It's always green, but it's always farking rainy - driving, insane rain that will melt your face off.

Today, it's sunnier than the Spanish coast. What gives?

So excited, as I am attending a large conference that includes other teams within my company. And as a result, I get to see my old South African colleagues and other friends that I made in the Greek, Hungarian and Turkish teams over the years.

Am sharing a hotel room with one of my Saffa colleagues, and no doubt we'll all go out tonight and sink 5000 Guinesses and talk in Irish accents.



Kerry said...

"emer-lad isle"?

Secret said...

Envy pumps trough my veins :)