Saturday, October 23, 2010

publicly naked guys

The gayness continues.

I'm gonna be all gayed out by the time I leave San Francisco. Someone even said to me last night,
"You look curious."

Peas: About what?

Dude: As in you're straight but want to be gay.

Peas: Oh. No. Fraid not. I'm as straight as they come.

Dude: How do you really know, come on.

Peas: I know because I couldn't touch a girl's foo foo.

Dude "Foo foo?"

Peas: Sounds like being gay in San Francisco would be fun though.

Dude: Oh it is. Trust me sugar, it is.

This place is filled with nutters. Peacocking themselves in manners that make London look conservative.

The nutters in London might stab you. Here they'll walk around naked, with giant cock rings plunged onto their pork swords, and will happily let you have a photo with them, while they smoke a joint.

I had a picture with two naked dudes, standing under the Castro Theatre. "I'm not gonna look down guys, but I need a picture."

Tonight we're going out again, and to more gay pubs. It's nice - nobody hits on me, and when people approach me to talk (which they do, this is America), I know it's because they just want to be friends.

I'm really starting to miss my Brit now.


Noodle said...

Having never left South Africa I would probably run away and cry in a corner. Have a nice stay!

Lee said...

Well, having Never left South Africa as well, i would probably be as home sick as a fish out of water. After all the Lady-Gaga hairdo's and out of the norm feminine dress sense and the over-the-top oestrogen-inflated attitudes, i don't know if i would keep up with the feminine competition being a female myself.

I dont have a problem with gays but, i would probably start questioning my femininity or something...IYOH!

say, Peas, do you know how I can get access to viewing champsheathen's blog because she has suddely went PRIVATE on my BomBonyashh!!! One needs to be invited to read her stuff...mara why???