Thursday, October 21, 2010

gay paradise

OMG, hilarious night out in San Francisco last night.

Look. San Francisco (not San Fran. It's very very uncool to say that apparently), is gay.

If you don't like gay people, you're not going to like this place. I happen to be a well-versed fag hag. I love gays like I love ice cream. So I think I may have found another top city in my list. All over again.

It all started when we embarked on a boat journey around the Bay, (nice views of Golden Gate bridge and Alcatraz, FYI), and it turned into a lovely little boozy bonding session with my colleagues.

I'd taken extra special care in my outfit.
1) Faux fur waistcoat thingie. That looked like hunted chinchilla, albeit 100% polyester

2) Sequined cream jersey. Which made me look like Ariel the mermaid

3) Blue suede ankle boot stilettos

Now anywhere else, no one would say anything.

In Castro - aka, the most gay streets in the world - I was getting:

"Cuuuuute SHOES!" screamed across the road to me, then a ladyboy in the bar saying, "Oh. Em. Gee. Girl, I want your MERMAID look. Sistah, you are SMOKIN.'

To, "That fake fur coat you're wearing, where did you GET that, it is sooooo goddamn CUTE."

Are you fucking kidding me?

Either I'm going to wear that outfit twice a week every week, or I'm going to come to San Francisco a LOT more often.

So off we trot, my new best gay friend and a few others.

And we got fucked up in a bar, drinking Sierra Nevadas (a beer with a slice of orange in it (wtf?), talking to homeless people and a lot of gay men, and then stumbling out into the street to marvel in our awesome gay, beautiful, rainbow-coloured surroundings.

This trip has thus far been one of the best ones I've done since starting at my company. I have found some lovely friends, with whom I can work and play with, and we've had a bloody good time so far.

And, I suppose, it's a place I've never been to before.

It's also an international conference I'm attending, so I've met people in the company as far-flung as Argentina, Brazil, China and Japan.

So helluva interesting.

Tonight we're doing it all over again. Obviously.

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wozzel said...

how awesome is that!

if you're ever hiring a PA - let me know, i shall send you my resume :)