Tuesday, November 09, 2010

would you

know a rock star if it stared you in the face?

I got smacked in the face, sure, and I knew it was happening, but it wasn't a rock star.

On that. Yes. I got smacked in the face on the train, by a man whose face made me want to stick two chopsticks up his nostrils. It was an accident, he said.

Despite that, life is better.

My mother and aunt are arriving this weekend to stay with me for a week. So I have an excuse to do some Londony things.

Like watch a show. Take them to a market to buy hunks of meat and/or antiques.
Eat a curry.

And I just walked past Bob Geldof in my office.

He was striding past me, with an entourage behind him that I barely noticed, while chattering away to a colleague about this thing I have to present this afternoon, and after about 5 minutes he said, "I think we just walked past someone important."

Peas: Who?

Him: Not sure, let's ask someone.

They confirm.

Peas: I just walked past Bob Geldof talking about our internet project?

Him: Yup.

Peas: God.


Secret said...
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Secret said...
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Secret said...

Nice! Not noticing him is better than drooling on his shoes!

Peas on Toast said...

Secret - I think it's because he's not particularly droolworthy that didn't make me notice :)

Peter said...

We had a knock on the door one day with some heavily armed people asking ever so nicely if they could position a couple of snipers on our building's roof.
Turns out one of the Prince's was visiting the orphanage next door.

My cousin was invited backstage to one of the first Big Concerts in SA and stood chatting to the band members of UB40 before asking "so when do UB40 arrive?".