Sunday, December 05, 2010

horse racing

...and all I remember from yesterday's debauchery at the races is one of the Brit's mates saying,

Oy Ozzie! Let's 'av anuvva drink!

Apparently he didn't really think I was an Ozzie, he was just winding me up.

But that's all I remember.

Oh and a few horses, losing five pounds on one called Urban Space, and us being stranded in a town called Strewberry Hill at some pub trying to get home, absolutely hammered.

Twas a good day. I think.

Tomorrow I am on a training course. I have asked work if I could please do an advanced PR course. I want a certificate at the end. So that at least I have back up when people ask me if I've ever had formal training.

They haven't asked me if I have, however, if they were to.

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