Tuesday, January 18, 2011

ass on display

I walked around the office, for the most part of this morning, with the gusset of my pantyhose hanging below the hem of my skirt.

The ass of my stockings was hanging, with my bum inside it, out, of my skirt, for the total of 1200 people to look at.

For about 4 hours.

In the lunch queue. Going to the bathroom. Going outside for a smoke on the street. Oscillating between meeting rooms.

My ass. In navy pantyhose. Out.

I saw this in the mirror after going for a pee.

To top it off, looks like our dream house, the one I spoke about before Christmas; the one on the cute village road, just out of our budget, but we were making a plan, has gone off the market.

I am so disappointed I actually have no will left in me to view more houses. This house hunting malarky is soul destroying.

I want to move out of my digs, but I don't want to move twice.

I just want to cry and beat my fists on the walls and say FUCK over and over again and very loudly.

If we weren't going on [much needed and desperately seeking] annual leave next Friday, to a warm, tropical place where people wear triangle hats and plant rice in paddies, I'd surely throw a fit.


Kerry said...

Oh shame Peas! Sympathies. Hang in there till your hols.

totally cooked said...
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totally cooked said...

display? - are you bovvered? - does that face look bovvered?

yay for Nam.

It's been pissing with rain here for weeks and weeks by the way.

oh - and if you do decide to do the wall thing, check your broeks first x

fff easily bovvered by spelling mistakes

cassey said...

That sucks. Why didn't anyone tell you about it? Enjoy your upcoming holiday :)

SheBee said...

Dude. On the up side, your ass is totally sexy. And your legs. I'd tap you.


pantyhose45 said...

Very sexy, But would have been more sexy if you wear wearing nude Pantyhose.

Peas on Toast said...

Bless thanks guys...
You do realise that's Paris Hilton right? ;)

SheBee said...

Oh. No, didn't.

Fuck, I just mushed Paris Hilton? Sies. One Night in Paris, indeed.


Secret said...