Friday, March 11, 2011

last lament on the .fr

I've left my heart in France I think.

My holiday(s) comedown has begun.

I've always had a deep desire to end up in France one day, and it's still very much on the cards, even when I'm retired. Perhaps it's because I lived there before - during the most formative years of my life - maybe its the amazing food, the weird people, the exquisite scenery.

But on my way home, I didn't want to sleep for even five seconds. I forced my eyes to stay open as I didn't want to miss one little terracotta house or one little Renault barreling along the winding roads as we whizzed past at 300 km/hour.

I feel the need to go back and visit the town in which I stayed for a year, which wasn't so far from where we went in the Alps. I have to revisit it someday, the nostalgia is overwhelming me.

Over the 8000 kilos of cheese I embezzled back over the British border, the Brit and I marveled at what makes France so special.

The people are odd
Some might say rude, others might say quirky.

Example: "Mais monsieur, I asked you a kestiyon/question and you told me another bus time!"

(Me getting irate at the tourist office in Meribel)

Monsieur: [Simply lifts hands in the air, palms upwards and makes a farting noise out of his mouth. Rolls eyes.]

Peas: Don't give me your French vibe dude, a quel heure est le bus?

Monsieur: Bof, I don't know.

Peas: You have a bus schedule in front of you.

Monsieur: [Sighs. Opens browser.]

Another example:

Peas: Please can I have the ski boots with the soft stuff inside?

Man: Ah oui! Avec le dou dou! (Ah yes, you want the boots with the baby blanket inside yes?)

Everything is just so pretty too. But not in that overly done way, like Tuscany. It's beautiful, but still retains it's individual charm somehow.

On the plus side, I am glad to be back home on British soil. The sun is shining, the days are longer - it's still light when I return from work - the flowers are starting to open, and everyone is feeling and looking a little chipper.

Might even go hang out in the park this weekend. With Wellies and all.

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Secret said...

Coz everyone needs the boots with the baby blanket inside them :P