Thursday, March 17, 2011

st paddy's day

So I made a video of all my favourite famous people drinking beer and singing in creepy little Leprechaun voices.

The people in this video are:

1) Marilyn Monroe. (Was she killed? Was she offed? Was it the Kennedy's, was it the Mafia? Or was it [gasp] Andy Warhol himself?)

2) Usher. (He croons. And it's nice.)

3) Richard Hammond. (He's my dreamboat.)

4) Hillary Clinton. (She should've been president.)

5) Jesus. Brian. (I thought Jesus singing in a Leprechaun voice and spilling beer everywhere would've been funny. But then I thought Brian, my god dog back in South Africa was far funnier.)

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Will find some Guinness tonight en route to the Comedy Store in Leicester Square. Fucking great way to spend St Patrick's Day if you ask me.


Val said...

Richard Hammond is in SA as we speak! Saw a pic of the three of them in the Times this morning and thought of you. :)

Peas on Toast said...

Oh my god, really!?
The last time they were out I got flown down to see the show in CT and meet him, but ...I never got to meet him because he had other stuff he had to do instead. HMMPPH.

I still love him though. He's just too dishy for words.