Friday, April 08, 2011

blast from the past

In Google Search you can search for books, right.
Where I found this lovely little cloud of expletives from my book.

Interesting blast from the past. I read the draft of my own manuscript probably around 1000 times.

So reading the actual book when it was done wasn't something I was ever going to do.
A few years on, it's an interesting reminder.

For one, the word 'fuck' is larger than the word 'talk.' (Sounds about right.)
The word 'Lionel Richie' is about the same size as the word 'Brakpan.'
'Shit' is only slightly bigger than 'shag.'

For a while, I almost taken back to 2006.

Back in 2011, the sun is so hot, I have even managed to get some colour on my skin today. True story.
Someone got so hot sitting on the terrace at lunch, they had to go inside because their skins were "too photosensitive."

It's a good day to be in a summer dress clutching a gin and tonic, I tell ya.

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Flarkit said...

Vitamin D is so underrated, go get some! Just remember the Factor 30, mmkay?