Monday, April 11, 2011

wedding tat

I won the chairs. They're mine.

Better still, my mate up in Manchester sent me a parcel today.

Arrived at my desk, and it was instantly Christmas. 'What was it?' you say, as I tore off the wrapping wondering whether it was another large bill for the decor I have since been wracking up for our house.

No, it was the most incredible package of tacky awesomeness.

My astute little pal, had found a whole bunch of Royal Wedding memorabilia in her hometown of Manchester. People are making a frigging fortune over here on some of the most crazy tat you could even imagine. From entire fridges with the couple emblazoned all over them, to tea bags with William's face on it (true story), to creepy looking Kate dolls.

And herewith, my package contents:

Knit Your Own Royal Wedding. Break out the knitting needles ladies, your tube ride will never be the same again! Plus you'll have weaponry to wield against any bolshy chavs!

The obligatory coaster, with flattering picture of the couple Photoshopped in
Because tea isn't tea in this country unless it's tea with a flag.

The obligatory tea towel.
Can be framed or used to wipe up excess tea.

Cupcake toppers. Because icing is just common.

Frankly, I'm delighted. I've hung all my wedding stuff around my desk. Until someone pulls it down.


Gail said...

WOW that is cool - I am not even joking! :)

Anonymous said...

Sorry, I'm getting my memorabilia from Emma Bridgewater ;-)!

Monkigirl said...

Have you noticed how many of the pictures of Wills on his own are a few years old? Like when he had a little bit more hair? Especially the photoshopped ones...