Thursday, April 14, 2011

my man chef

There's nothing quite like having a meal created by a man you love.

The Brit loves to cook. (How fucking lucky am I?)

He can't wait to deck out our kitchen with Creuset frying pans and fancy things like pestle and mortars, and a colander that doesn't look like Jason's mask out of Friday The 13th.*

The Brit has ensured that I know one British dish from the next. Over the last 10 months, he's made Toad In The Hole, a few Sunday Roasts of varying meats, Beef Wellington.

Last night he made a pasta carbonara. Watching him whisk things, sprinkle things, sieve things, mix things, while poring over a hot stove, fills me with instant love and horniness.

I mean, the man has Jamie Oliver and Nigella's recipes bookmarked on his phone.

And I was one lucky lady to be eating pasta over a glass of pinot grigio in the garden last night with my hot little chef.**

*The manky digs one does.
** In case you're wondering, I do the washing up. And I actually like it.


Kathleen said...

Lucky you!! DH often offers to cook but his total book is two dishes tuna pie(slighty off that still after discovering it in the oven two months later full of maggots when we lived in digs a few years ago..yuck) and chips. So for us I am the cook pretty much always. We are talking of moving to Oz soon and I wonder what will happen when he has to do the dishes:) He grew up on a farm with four maids so you can just imagine how much he knows about cleaning. Again sigh I am so jealous!!

Secret said...

I ma the chef in the house. my man says its like eating in a restaurant every night :D
Ill keep cooking for him just because he says that.

PS. LIAR!!!!!!!!! Who actually *likes* washing dishes??????

Flarkit said...

I have a few simple tricks up my sleeve, involving roasted veg or stirfries, but a roast, or a stew? Heck-no.

And I agree: you'd have to be bat-stir-crazy to like washing up!