Wednesday, April 13, 2011

bad hamster


A couple of my colleagues went to the Appy Awards, which was attended and hosted by a list of B Rated celebrities.

My favourite kind.

I had the option to attend, but never ended up going. And now am crying big crocodile tears, after hearing the host was none other than my dreamboat, Richard Hammond.

The second time I have come that close to meeting my Ultimate Fantasy Man. The 5'8 ft hamster that I think is adorable.

I would've talked to him, apparently, he was sitting one down from our table.

Nonetheless, the most disappointing thing of all was this:

"Peas, bad news."

Peas: What?

"He had more coke in him than Bolivia."

Peas: Hammond? My Hammond? He wouldn't. He's a family man.

"He was sweating like a glazed ham."

Peas: Maybe he was just warm?

"His eyes were darting everywhere. He was higher than a giraffe's ass."

I don't know what I'm more sad about. Not meeting him for the SECOND time (I was meant to meet him - no really - in Cape Town two years ago), or the fact that he'd allegedly shnarfed something.

Deeply sad. And hoping that they are wrong.


totally cooked said...


Kathleen said...

Just read an article about the appys and it said Hammond was humilated by all the jibes about Clarkson and his cheating ways. So maybe thats why he was red faced and sweating his major tv show seems to be taking a knock thanks to the main presenter. Lets hope thats the truth anayway.

Spear The Almighty said...

I really hope he keeps his nose clean...for him.

Jason Shaw said...

Ohhh such sadness indeed.

Sunnie Gill said...

I find it difficult to credit for a number of reasons. (OK, I admit, like you I don't want it to be true).

Nary a whisper in the tabloids. If they are prepared to make such a huge deal over Clarkson's alleged affair based on rather dodgy evidence, what would they do to Hammond?

What a huge career risk. He presents family shows and as well as a kids' show. From what I've read, the BBC would have him off them so fast his feet wouldn't touch the ground should that turn out to be true. Can't see him being prepared to take that sort of risk.

There's never been so much as a hint of drug use in the past. I can't believe he'd jeopardise his future (and that of his family) and do something so stupid - and in public.

The couple of little video clips I've seen online he looked fine. Perhaps he was just extremely nervous. He's admitted to being a victim of nerves in hte past. Might explain the demeanour and the sweats.


Sunnie Gill said...
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Sunnie Gill said...
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Sunnie Gill said...

oops.. so sorry. No idea why the multiple posts. google went psycho on me.

Charmskool said...

I refuse to believe that my beloved Hamster would ever shnarf Bolivian marching powder!

Peas on Toast said...

Hi chaps

Points taken (especially in light of Clarkson's philandering and Polyanna's points on kids shows etc), that I choose to believe that he doesn't shnarf marching powder.

To be honest, the thought breaks my heart.

So any allegations or rumours aside, I choose to believe he is as pure and as lovely as he always was. For my own sanity more than anything.

Long live The Hamster!

Sunnie Gill said...

Hamsters definitely rule.(except here in Austalia where their importation is banned except for experimental purposes - and even then castrated males only), which perhaps explains Richard's absence from Top Gear Live in Australia this year.

Also worth remembering that he is a licenced helicopter pilot who apparently flies quite frequently. That and marching powder aren't exactly compatible.

I also choose to believe in the public persona - much more fun when .. never mind.

Sanity? what's that?