Wednesday, May 18, 2011


I have a secret.

Which I can only tell you about in 13 days.**

I'm actually quite good at keeping secrets. Believe it or not. I talk a load of crap sometimes, but I can say, quite firmly, that I can keep a secret.

This one is pretty big though and affects my life quite significantly.

In the meantime, tonight the Brit and I will order Chinese, open a bottle of wine and start painting our apartment tonight.

** I'm not pregnant or engaged or getting married or having a boob job or moving to Copenhagen or won the lottery or eaten a whole haggis or under Witness Protection or bought a book called The Secret or cloned a sheep in my apartment or changed my name to Keegan-Ray.

It's under embargo. For now.


totally cooked said...

Keegan wotsit has a nice ring to it ...

kittykat said...

well, that list rules out so many things, so i guess it's new job

Peas on Toast said...

totally cooked - you like it? Be honest now.

Kitty - shit, I forgot to add 'not a new job.'

Well spotted though, but can confirm it aint a new job :)

Charmskool said...

You are going to Russia.

churchaholic said...

Outed in the House of Lords today?

Secret said...

You're the leader of the Illuminati?