Friday, June 24, 2011

come dine with me

While carbs and nicotine are the 'dick' in dictator and Slobadan Milosevic, Hitler, Mussolini, Stalin, Mugabe, Gadaffi rolled into one fuckhead - the other obsession in my life right now is my home.

Things have turned from painting walls and fixing shit, to actually decorating and decking the place out in knick knacks and cool crap.

And lately, especially so. It's coming together. And if it weren't for this fun project as a sidetrack, I'd be sneaking cake and cigarettes behind the garden shed while crying big tears that I have no control over my eating or smoking habits.

I wanted you let you into my space.

Firstly, I have bought three lamps in the space of four weeks. According to my Android app Quit Now!, I've saved £214. So the lamps have practically paid for themselves. Win.

This one - crafted in pure perspex by Le Creuset - perspex is my favourite substance in the world. Next to lube - is off eBay.

Isn't it just so subtle? Yet striking?

This one is part of a mass online shop at Dwell. One of the coolest home stores in the UK. Currently sitting in our bedroom. The Brit inherited this awesome antique dressing table from his gran, and he finished painting The Cupboards Of Contention (surrounding it) while I was away last week.

Probably most importantly, we can have people round for dinner now. Sure, we only own two plates, but we have a dining room table, motherfucker. And chairs.
I assembled this yesterday. Yes, all by myself. Aren't I clever?

Love this table. Dude. It's got a twisted stem at the bottom. It's, like, ultra modern and contemporary. I'd eat food off it without a plate because that's how orgasmic I feel about it right now.

That funny looking perspex thingie on the table (I could die in a bath full of perspex. The stuff is just so...versatile and wankworthy) is from the design shop in Copenhagen. It's a vase with two screens slotted into it. The screens have flowers etched onto them. Clever yes? Flowers that never need watering. Win.

The coolest part? The Brit was away in France this week for work. (Honestly, it's a bit ridiculous how we keep missing each other), so he hasn't seen this yet.

God I hope he doesn't log onto this here page before he gets back. I'm hedging my bets he won't.

So when he gets back, 'Surprise! The shit we've been waiting for forever is here and assembled!

It's been so much fun putting ornaments and stuff everywhere. You know, totally being a woman and getting excited about where shit should go. The quirkier the knick knck, the better. I say.
For example:

This is a retro vinyl German record-turned-bowl I bought when I visited Berlin. Next to two gnomes. On the mantelpiece. Cool eh?

Dude. Pink flamingo. In glass. The 60s called and wants their bird back. So kitsch it does a 360 and becomes cool. Especially in glass. On the coffee table.

And the rest of the stuff is on my other camera.

In the meantime, what do you think of the dining room area?


Flarkit said...

Too kitsch for school! Or sumfink, loik, shwah. Yoiks, dunno about all that perspex though.

Peas on Toast said...

Flarkit - perspex and champagne belong in the same basket as far as I'm concerned!

But hey - I suppose not everyone likes champagne :)