Thursday, June 23, 2011

lovely big plate of protein

Amazingly, I am still off carbs.

Dude. I don't smoke and I don't eat carbs.

WTF has happened to me?

Not that I haven't cheated - I mean for Chrissakes, when someone slaps a schnitzel on your plate, you're going to eat it.
And when you find hidden remnants of potato in a fish cake at a restaurant, whose gonna argue?

Something amazing is happening though. And yes, I'm losing weight. I'm saying NO to the Heathrow Injection. Whenever the thought of a pie or Belgian chocolate cake crosses my mind - I just think of Kate Moss.

I want to feel what it's like being a skinny kid. Sure, I'll have zero tits left on my chest, but that's the price one pays to be a Skinny Chick.

But all of that is almost secondary to something else. Without realising it, because I've turned my attention to food - or lack thereof - I'm not thinking about smoking so much. I'm also not as depressed as I was, as I'm not stacking up on the pies because I can't smoke.

My focus, a little obsessive as it may be, is kind of fun. There's a sense of pride when it comes to living on a 100% All Protein Diet.

For one, I can east a plateful of crispy bacon. And as much cheese as I like.
I can eat eggs and salmon.

What I can't eat - bread, pasta, rice, sweet fruits like grapes and pineapple.

I'm loosely following the Atkins - South Beach diet. The Peas Diet.

Already the Brit has noticed that my face is less round than it used to be. Or so he says.

Basically, after 'optimal weight has been reached,' you can start to reintroduce Low GI carbs back into your life.

Either way, WHAT cigarettes? That's so last month. My focus has been duly shifted.
I'm going to get rid of the junk in my trunk and be a Skinny Chick.

PS: I haven't smoked in 36 days.
PPS: I haven't [really] eaten a carb in 11 days.

Either I'm one disciplined motherfucker, or I'm just stubborn. You decide.

The only thing to live for now is alcohol [and skinny jeans.]


Kathleen said...

I have often thought about doing the no carbs diet. Keep us updated on how it goes. The five am and 5 pm workouts are killing me:)I want an easier way out. Glad you are over the smokes. Told you it would get better.

Wistar said...

I'm sorry Peas, but alcohol is packed with carbs :( Each shot/ half- glass wine/ half-glass beer counts as one 15g carb portion. I too am obsessive!

Peas on Toast said...

kathleen - i reckon if I wans't focused on my food so much I'd still be craving! but yes, you're right, I'm not wanting to kill myself anymore thorugh the loss of my ciggy friends!

Wilstr- killjoy. I was waiting for a comment like this :)
Smokes, carbs AND alcohol thoug? That would truly destroy me. I'd have no personality left and surely die of sadness.

So. I choose gin. the least carb filled drink, and red wine (cos it's good for the heart).
Beer and cider are out.


Flarkit said...

36 days already? Tres super kewl, P!!!

I'm trying to drop bread from my diet as well. Being a non-redmeat veggie makes it a challenge though. Still being sidetracked by the odd bit of cakey sweetness... those damnedblack forest buggers are sneaky!

Peas on Toast said...

Flarkit - i can't say time has's been shite! ;) But hey, I'm still alive and not smoking!

Yes dude, if you were to drop carbs what could you eat?? Fuckloads of beans and sprouts I'd imagine?

I'm devouring cheese and meat at the moment, simply as I don't know what else to substitute bread and potatoes with!