Tuesday, June 21, 2011

kobenhvn, danmark

So I get on the train, the marvelous 'Itseh Eh' that was to snake its way through the expanse of northern Germany and Denmark.

The moment we hit Denmark, the rolling flatness was punctuated by hundreds and hundreds of windmills.

Dude. Wind farms. Don't mock them.

Denmark is believed to be the greenest country on the planet. If you think you recycle, then you haven't visited Denmark before.

You'll be snoozing against the window pane of the train, and next thing 'BAH!' This giant windmill scares the crap out of you. The poppies were out, even deer were bouncing around the green fields. Juxtaposed to the windmills, it was a startlingly Northern European picture.

So we're travelling along, and suddenly the train just pulls into the back of a ferry.

We just pull in alongside cars and trucks. And park. We get out, I eat a schnitzel, and then after crossing the north sea, get back on the train and we pull out the other side. It was the most mad thing I've ever experienced.

A bullet, high speed train on a ferry. Just kind of parking off.

Dude. Copenhagen is amazing.
Jesus, I was masturbating over Stockholm. But Copenhagen is a little mini Stockholm, also filled with beautiful blonde people. But the difference is it takes you only 30 minutes to walk across the city (it's small), and it's much more relaxed.
Dude. It's amaaaazing.

Relaxed? Scandinavians?
Dude, yes. There's a suburb/island in the middle of the city called Christiania. It's like a mini Amsterdam, but filled with hippies. A giant cloud of hash smoke kind of envelopes this little hippie community. You can buy weed at hash stalls there.

Yeah. From what I remember, it was pretty good.

Plus I had a mate there
He's a local these days, having left South Africa for Copenhagen 5 years ago. So I got involved and had two very large nights in the city. Christiania included. We got higher than a giraffe's ass, to be fair. Well, when in Amsterdam Rome Copenhagen.

There are castles in, like, the centre of town
Like Rosenborg Slot.

Dude it's summer solstice time
Which means, in the Nordics the sun sets at 11pm. And rises at 3am.

Dude, the sun is up All. The. Time. You just don't sleep. In winter it must be hell, just black darkness all day long, but summer is graced with pale light pretty much all the time. This photo was taken at 11pm:

Dude I spent my pension fund
Dude. I went into Illums Bolighus. It's their crazy design store.

I consequently had to go for a wank after I walked in there. The only thing that stopped me from buying the [amazing, aesthetically pleasing, wankfest] furniture was because it would've been impossible to take these back to London with me.

The Danes can design, if one thing's for fucking certain.

I mean, they made Lego, didn't they.

I perved a chick
It's not often a straight bird like myself sexualises a beautiful, blonde, Danish thing.
But when it does happen...Christ I couldn't stop staring.

I'm off carbs, but I ate a Danish
Not related to paragraph above. When in Denmark, you eat the custard creams, capisce?

And smorresbrod. The Dane of all sandwiches. An open zarm, made with rye bread, herring and salmon. Surprisingly great.


Flarkit said...

Sigh. Drool. Daydream. Sigh.

So, like, how would a Saffer get themselves resettled in the land of salty fishes and orsum blondes? It sounds idyllicalish

Peas on Toast said...

Dude tell me about it.

I mean, at least in summer. It would be great to be there for 6 months of pure awesome blondness.