Wednesday, July 06, 2011

chipping sodbury, rye or lower slaughter?

Had a flash reactive suggestion to my mates yesterday afternoon.

Scotland. This weekend. Let's go. If you're in say 'och aye'. If you're not in, say......'Noch Naye.'

I wanted to get away with my mates for a girlie weekend, and although Scotland was devilishly exciting (dudes wearing kilts sans underpants while eating shortbread? Och aye), it just seems a bit unpractical to go for a quick weekend.

So we're throwing ideas around. Where to go, with a hamper of champagne on a train, in Britain for a day trip?

According to the Information Superhighway, Stratford-Upon-Avon and Cambridge are nice options.

Both stepped in history and playwrights.

But then a colleague of mine went there and came back saying, "Home of Shakespeare? Full of skanks."

But then, anything outside of Hertfordshire is full of skanks for her, to be fair.
I also saw an agreeable-looking tour around Stratford-Upon-Avon, but that involved a bus, and my mates positively balked at the idea.

In all fairness, a coach trip in England is always a hideous affair. The train might be more expensive, but that's because retards and delinquents opt for the coach.

I got sneezed on in the coach queue and after seeing the man's snot everywhere, went for a silent vomit and then paid the extra fifty pounds to take the train.

God. Jesus. OK where was I.

So, where to go for one day with my mates?

One suggested Rye, a cute little town in Sussex, not far from Dover. Another mate wants to see a castle. I want to see the Cotswolds.

Two places in particular: Lower Slaughter and Chipping Sodbury.

Dude. Those are real names.

See? So much to see, and only one day. Any advice out there, oh ether?


k.t.p said...

Peas you should totally go to Bath!!! Can't remember how far it is on the train, but it's England not South Africa so how far can it really be?! And there are lank hot guys from the university. And lank hot guys from the rugby team!!! :P

Peas on Toast said...

hahahaha! Classic :) "lank hot guys', havne't heard THAT in a while.

Have been to Bath already - camped and everything - so looking for a place I haven't seen yet, but thanks for the suggestion anyways!

Gretta James said...

I live in Bristol...

There isn't much to see in Chipping Sodbury, just a road really and some divey pubs on an evening.

I'd recommend staying in Bristol - seeing some of Bristol and maybe visiting Chipping Sodbury while you'll here. You can see all there is to see in Chipping Sodbury in an hour. However, it is the starting point of some epic walks in the cotwolds...

Gretta x

fuzzy logic said...

Not much to see in Lower Slaughter either - just an old mill, which will take you about 5 mins in the gift shop (unless you really like leather stuff).
Depends on which direction you're thinking, and what you're looking for. Hayward's Heath is nice for walking, outdoorsyness, but do head to the Cotswolds (North West) if you fancy cute houses and cream teas - try Burton-on-the-Water.
Not sure if you can get there by train though.