Monday, August 15, 2011

chairgate 2

Never thought I'd say this in my lifetime (alongside "I have a hemorrhoid" and "Rowan Atkinson smiled at me in Battersea Park today,") but I have lost three chairs in the space of three months.

The last time I ordered chairs off the Internet, they kind of went missing for a few weeks. Granted they were being sent from Holland, I ordered them off eBay and people order stuff on the Internet here.

Generally expecting it to arrive.

They did. Only after a friend in Amsterdam pretended to be the mafia.

People spend more time shopping on the Net here than on the high street. Unless they're looting. Of course.

And if they're not looting the shops on the high street, they're looting the delivery man. Because apparently a 'P. Stewart' signed for my new chair this morning.

Who the fuck is P. Stewart?

The delivery man said "he was a nice man who said he'd sign the package for you."

That's right, asshole I'm sure he did. That's because he just stole my chair.
Oh so ever politely from you.


PS: It was a nice geeky chair too. Our house is filled with juxtapositions. There is meant to be a little something for everyone in our house.


capclassique said...

Patrick Stewart stole your chair? What, they ran out of seating on board the Enterprise?

Peas on Toast said...

That's definitely the most likely scenario.

The Chantal said...

Damn I'd be fucking mad, I think the delivery company has to replace it or pay you its value right? How can they let someone with a different name sign for your parcel?

Shitty man! :/

Secret said...

Awesome chair. I'd be bummed if it was stolen.

So what you gonna do?

Peas on Toast said...


Oh my God I found the fucker! It was in the depot below the building 'waiting' to get delivered to me. sketchy indeed - good thing i went down there and found it!