Friday, August 12, 2011


I'm down four kilos.

In total.

Only another four to go!

Dude. I have no boobs left.


The Chantal said...

Coooooool, you can go have a cheeseburger n celebrate :P kidding.

Bye bye boobies :/ just think once you've lost the next 4kg, but rather thin than a bit podgy with good cleavage, its just so much more awesome clothes shopping etc when you can wear stuff your "fatter" self couldn't.

Peas on Toast said...

I totally agree Chantal. You have far more choice as what you can wear - and frankly I can't wait to fit into my jeans again! xx

Revolving Credit said...

So all this effort and all you've lost are your boobies? DAMN #FAIL

And what's this fatter self shit anyway??

Ok, let's check if you were in fact fat:

- When standing up, could you see your feet? (Only counts if view of feet is obstructed by tummy. If boobs obstruct view +5 points)
- Did the line of your hips protrude far enough from the end of your shoulders to rest a drink on? (This too has it's uses when out and not drinks table is available)
- When getting into your car (or onto the Tube as is now the case), did your ass jut out so far that it was accidentally jammed in the closing door??

Now here's the problem: You're making life really difficult for us guys.
Over time, we have mastered the art of looking spell bound and quite taken with your conversation/banter/jabber-jabber.. whatever it is you were saying, while actually staring at/assessing/ contemplating your boobies. Thus far we have gotten away with it, most of the time.

Now the problem is (with no boobies), how the hell do you expect us to do this while staring at your crotch??

Note to self: Wear sunglasses.