Wednesday, August 17, 2011

czech dreams

I've booked the Skoda.
Did you think that too? That we are the mother-daughter version of Top Gear? They rode across Vietnam on motorbikes; we're driving across Eastern Europe in a fucking Skoda, dog.


All Skoda jokes aside - it's a pity we couldn't get a retro one really. Car hire companies don't hire out cars from the 80s.

Nonetheless, it's still a fucking Skoda. And it comes with basic heating, indicator lights and reclining seats.

Czech's most notorious export - the modern Shkoda - is now made by VW. There's a certain level of German comfort in knowing that the chances of breaking down in rural, Communistic Slovakia are low.

And our bad boy is going to cross four Eastern Bloc countries. My one question is: Dude. Does it come with a sub woofer?

If I had a choice though, and a dude handy to change the obligatory tyre, replace the fuel cap, overhaul the engine when it blows up, (maybe this guy?) I would've loved to have gone around the Eastern Bloc in the old school version:

Spank me and call me Josef Stalin - look at that thing. A machine that smacks of Eastern European nostalgia.

We, are, however going to be driving the latest Skoda. Which has since refurbished its image, spent billions on repositioning, clever marketing ploys, and now gets built by reliable 'people's car', VW:

Enter the Skoda Fabia. It's so fuckin' sexy it should've been called the Skoda Fabio, right?
This is the exact beast we'll be powering through four countries to the likes of the Bee Gees and other tracks from the Easy Listening for the Over 30s soundtrack:

Jizzworthy or no?

Mum is pleased. Because it comes with GPS.


Revolving Credit said...
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Revolving Credit said...

Secret said...

In other news, I found out the other day (and I dont know why I didnt get this sooner, considering I have a fair demand of the afrikaans taal) that Volkswagen means "Family Wagon". Haha! Doesnt sound so hip when its put like that, innit?

Peas on Toast said...

Revvie - Dude! According to this article - by motor enthusiasts and speed freaks alike - my Skoda is actually fucking COOL.

"Cool" cool not "er...." cool.

Major win right?!

Secret hahaaaaa "and in other news," you immediately had my attention. Family Wagon doesn't exactly scream "Ferrari" does it? :(