Monday, August 22, 2011

little venice

Me and Dennis. On the cobbles.

A few weekends ago we went to Venice; this weekend we went to Little Venice.

As one does.

The Brit and I cycle to work sort of largely mostly, which is all very good and well, but after riding the same tracks, one tends to get a bit bored.

Especially when you're thinking about food all the time. Hot flaky pastry over a steak and Guinness pie, or hell, a chocolate biscuit.

So we took the whole of Saturday to discover a new part of London we don't know very well. On the other side of the river. Near the West End.

We rode through Chelsea and Hyde Park, stopping in at Kensington Palace on the way. Just to see how Will and Kate's new digs is shaping up. My Dad took me to Kensington Palace when I was 10.

Bless him, he only had the two pounds entry fee on him for one of us to go inside. Given I was obsessed with Diana at the time, he gave me his last two pounds for me to see Princess Diana's wedding dress and walk the halls of the palace.
Bless him.

Saw her memorial fountain this time round. Look at her, isn't she lovely?

Next, we hit up Little Venice, a neighbourhood near Paddington that's made up of canals. And saw a totally different part of London.

Stopped for a wank mineral water at this cafe at the start of the canals:

It's weird to travel around with the ghosts of your Mum and Dad present. When they lived in London, they did all of this stuff. And this route today was my Mum's suggestion.

Then we took the Torygraph and a blanket to the park. With my pets. Sure, people think we're freaking bonkers (me to be fair, not the Brit) - but they need a good graze. And frankly, why not?

And yes. That is a Pellegrino mineral water in the foreground. It's my 'fancy' water. Because all I consume is water. So why not drink FANCY fucking water instead no?


The Chantal said...

Awwww lol that's so cute - your lil furry things in their play-pen, glad you take them out :)

Read your previous post this morning, it happens, but if you are good 90% of the time with your eating the 10% you enjoy yourself won't matter, don't stress.

Flarkit said...

Wow! Look at that boep in the first pic - it's loik, massive! LOL, j/k.

What a lovely way to spend a summer's day in London town. You're seriously fortunate

Peas on Toast said...

Chan - seriosuly? 10% you can eat anythign you like?! This is like the best news ever. Like anything anything??

Flarkit - haha! more like fat thigh :)
Am very fortunate indeed - it's a great way to see London, and the sun was even shining!