Thursday, September 15, 2011

21 again, mostly

I turned 31 yesterday.

Mate. I was working like a bitch in Liverpool.

I was in Liverpool, of all places, for the whole day working on a press launch, staggering home at midnight after the longest and busiest work day in a while.

But even so - getting old and working - the best part of any birthday has to be hearing from people.

It felt so good to come back from a pretty arbitrary birthday in northern England, to wishes from friends and family on my Facebook wall, on my phone, on Skype, in my inbox. Fielding calls, and catching up with everyone.

So even though I am now in my 30s - I am on the verge of freaking out but am containing it as much as possible - the best part about getting old is connecting with everyone on the day. It's an excuse to speak to my mates back at home and feel the love.

Being so far from home makes me often wonder whether I've been totally forgotten. You know, out of sight is out of mind and all that. But hearing from the people that mean the most to me was so special.

And having my Brit to come home to, and spoil me with pamper presents is also something I am truly lucky to have.

So this birthday? I choose to be grateful AND old.

PS: I have started lying about my age. Some people thought I turned 30 yesterday. I didn't correct them.


Margot said...

Ahem! Love the ad on your leaderboard space (well, the one I was served, anyway)... Online dating for Seniors in your area. WAHAHAHAHAHAAAA!

Peas on Toast said...

Margot - you're joking. Oh my god this is even worse then I even imagined!

Jesus Christ.