Tuesday, September 13, 2011

am i even alive

Well punch my arm and call me Matthew.


Four days of absolute crazy mayhem, British festie-style.

I'm now at work trying to bang together a presentation for our MD, and am so retarded, when I went to the toilet, I discovered my watch on upside down and my panties on back to front and inside out.

That's how no sleep for four days will affect you.

I can tick the box - I've done some crazy stuff now. That I probably never need to do again.

God it was fun.

I will diarise tomorrow.

It is the eve of my [gulp, fuck, loser, arrgh help me, this is torture, why can't I stay young, Peter Pan save me motherlover, fuck fuck fuck] 31st birthday.

Tomorrow, after all this debauchery, I turn 31.

I'm no longer just thirty. I'm in my thirties. For the first time in my life, I am absolutely dreading this birthday.

I cried about it over the weekend. But that might've been the cider.

The best gift for an almost 31 year old non-married, non-pregnant girl though? By far a ticket to a four day top-rated British festival in the middle of an island.

Wow. Mental.

Mate. Will document tomorrow when I've stopped drooling and can read properly, and when have caught up on sleep.


The Chantal said...

awww shit you know what's badddddd. I read you're turning 31 and thought "oh I always thought she's younger than me, strange" then I fucking realised I turned 31 in June lol!!! thought I was 30 there for a second :/

Peas on Toast said...

Chan - hahahaha! That's hysterical!

I'm finding this whole 30-31 thing fucking taxing I tell you. Did you feel the same?

The Chantal said...

it's just hard to keep remembering how old one is lol. I feel so much younger inside, but lines around the eyes suddenly appear after 30 - that sucks! otherwise its pretty cool, I think your confidence definitely keeps growing with age and you dont give a fuck about what ppl think so much so thats really awesome, and personally my body is in better shape than when I was 25 so getting older isnt really so bad yet. But coz I feel like a 20-something I have to remind myself if I want kids I actually dont have much time left and thats scary. Otherwise 30, 31, lol its all meaningless for me right now. Just lets not talk about 40...

(And dont go to clubs where the age group is 16 to 21 damnnnnnnn then you feel old and out of place, bleh)

And a very Happy Birthday to you!!! All the best xxx.

SpecialK said...

Happy Birtday, Peas!
Wishing you all the very best xx

P.s British festivals are the shit - went to Rockness up in Inverness earlier this year. No one prepared me for that kind of 'wild'. Loved it every crazy minute of it! SA 'festivals' are so tame in comparison...

Peas on Toast said...

Thanks guys!