Wednesday, September 21, 2011

california dreaming, visitors, scales

Southern California is calling my name.

Oh my God.

Three things.

My non-blood sister has landed in the country

1) The Dove is coming to visit me! She got diverted from New York two weeks ago, but has literally got back on a plane to come out here to see her family and me.

Jesus H. Jones, I cannot possibly begin to describe how excited I am. One of my best mates in the world, who I haven't seen for over a year.

Friday she comes to stay with us. Well slap my face and call me Bertha. Two more sleeps.

Has my scale gone bat shit?
2) Dude. Can you lose a kilogramme in your sleep? Because I just did.
I weighed myself today and yesterday and I am a kilo under. The clothes I am wearing roughly are the same as yesterday's - dress, pantyhose, belt.

From my internet diagnosis, it's all about water. Water ebbing and flowing through your system. So clearly am less water-logged than I was yesterday.

I am almost at my target weight. I have around 2-3 kilos to go. By the time I shed these it'll be Christmas.
Where you eat anything that isn't nailed the fuck down.

Roasted birds, stuffing, mulled wine, stodgy warm shit.

On that note, it's worth mentioning that Autumn is here. It's grey and crap outside and I am wearing a jacket to work.

So, to rebel, I booked a flight to San Diego.

From San Francisco.

I'm going to be in California in about two weeks. For work. Fuck yes. So, what I've done is booked a flight to southern California, bordering Mexico, to visit the family I used to au pair for when I lived in France.

I haven't seen the family since 1999; the babies I looked after then are like...teenagers now.

They listen to punk rock, know what the word fuck means, and have Twitter accounts.

Jesus. That's what I was doing when I looked after them. Minus the Twitter account. I had a Hotmail address, which was a big fucking deal back in '99.

I am so excited to see them. They made my year in France.

And, now I'll get to go to a tropical beach, La Jolla, before winter truly fucks with my mental state.

Delay winter for me - something only a California beach can do.


The Chantal said...

ahhhhh so lucky, I'm dying for a trip to the US :/

as for the scale thing, it also relates to your menstrual cycle, if you weigh yourself almost every day you will see how it just changes by itself depending on your cycle. gee you're doing well hey, 3kg by Xmas shouldnt be a problem (except you're travelling soon lol good luck with sticking to a diet then)

Peas on Toast said...

Thanks Chan! Yip one thing i didn't mention - as I'm almost too scared - is how the US will wreak havoc on my diet.

The portions are about 8000 times larger there, and everything is super processed. :(

Eek. But you're right on the scales - no day is ever the same it seems! And it has to have something to do with water retention mid-cycle or whatever.