Tuesday, September 20, 2011

celebratory shifts

I can't eat pies anymore, but that doesn't mean I don't fucking love them.

So, really, turning 31 was alright.

Got most of my London friends into a room, which to me, is why birthdays beyond the age of 26, should exist.

To see all the people you like, in one place. Boom.

Anything pre-26 involves being a lash hero. You get fucked, and you usually wear a funny hat.

Birthday parties pre-30 involve things like:
- Party at the Rat & Parrot in Grahamstown, don't remember the details (my 26th)
- Jacuzzi tubs, cigars, carnage and mampoer (my 25th birthday party);
- Hip hop gansta-themed house party carnage (my 24th birthday party);
- Pimms and lemonade garden party with inflatable swimming pool carnage (my 23rd birthday party);
- Liquid picnic on Clifton 4 beach in Cape Town, sand, carnage, wine out of a silver pillow (my 22nd birthday party)

Basically, the general theme is 'dress up; get fucked up.' At the scale only someone in their early-twenties can take.

My 31st was spent exactly how I wanted it. In a good English pub, with a small group of good friends, in normal clothes (well I did wear my I Love Pies t-shirt, but you know what I mean), casually sipping on vodka and sodas, talking shit.

What's a birthday without banter?

Talk shit, or die. Might've had a cheeky Jaegie. Even.

Vodka is my choice of alcohol these days - as I can almost function on that hangover, and the calories don't fuck with my diet.

Yep, times have changed. But I'm comfortable that I've done all that crazy stuff, and chinwagging over pints and pies in London - with friends from work, from school, from South Africa, from the UK - was the best way to spend it.

We did finish off some Cornish 'cyder' off at home, from a rather large glass jar a friend had bought - yes. That knocked us flat. Jayzuz.

I got tulips from my Dutch friend, bless:

One of my mates made me milk tart! Little mini ones!

Dude. I forgot that 'melk tert' even existed. And she baked these from scratch?

Dude. I have to ration myself and only eat one every two days.
I can't open the fridge, as they're right there calling my name.

I got really spoilt, and it was such a superb afternoon.

To balance out the debauchery, The Brit and cycled through Richmond Park on Sunday. It's a proper nature reserve to the west of London.

See? In my 20s I never would've done that. I would've eaten dip and crisps for dinner and watched Kendra, not moving from the couch for 24 hours. Chain smoking.

Actually. That sounds quite nice.

Must remember new diet has helped me lose 6 kilos. And will never try fucking hard not revert to fiendish old ways as tempting and fucking amazing and fun and awesome they were as it can be sometimes.


Secret said...

So funny you said that actually. I turned 26 yesterday and my birthday, this year, this last weekend, was literally about having my favourite friends in the same room, having a drink or two and talking shit. Even my mom was there - I have NEVER even dared invite my mom to a birthday party of mine. I mean, yes we did end up at a strip club after all the boring people had left, but I was sober as a judge with clothing still in tact and my name avoided the mud puddle its been dragged through every birthday before this.

Secret said...

Disclaimer: by boring people I mean the ones who leave early and aren't interested in exploring strip clubs with me.

Bailey Schneider said...

Glad you had an epic birthday Peas!
Gosh I miss your face!

The Chantal said...

Gee you had such nice parties every year! lucky girl, sounds like so much fun.

I too am a pie lover :/ why must they be so fattening, whyyyyy, but I eat a sausage roll every few weeks, so it's okayyyy :)

Bailey Schneider, you miss her face and I miss your old blog, why dont you post anything there anymore????????

Peas on Toast said...

Secret - oh yes that's a very valid point! Funny enough I think I first invited my mum to my birthday when I turned 25 or 26 too.

And love that you ended it at a strip club - now that's a party :)

Bailey - ah bless you, and I miss yours!

Chan - Bailey still has a blog, just in a new place. www.baileyschneidersblog.blogspot.com. Ole!

I could make love to a vat of pies. So am pleased am not alone :)

Mini said...


Seriously miss this blog

cle S said...

Wow... 26th at Rat and Parrot? I fell asleep in their upstairs bathroom during my 21st the other day :)

Great blog