Thursday, September 29, 2011

champagne drinker, beer dresser

I had the privilege of attending an awards ceremony last night, on behalf of my company.

It was one of those events where the memo obviously didn't quite make it to my desk.

I arrived, in a tweed jacket, a shirt that says 'I love Bratislava' on it, shorts, blue stockings and my gold brogues from Amsterdam. My usual attire.

Problem is, I walked straight into the set of The Bold & The beautiful. Think Gucci dresses and Louboutins. Hairspray and heels.

Jesus was I out of place. So, like all self-respecting girls who wear metallic flats to an event that's actually the set for Made In Chelsea (I was less Chelsea, more 'Communist Slovakia'), I doused my horror with champagne.

You know, I just don't drink champagne enough.

Honestly, I'm in my 30s now. I dabble with the grape, but really I should by drinking champagne a whole lot more than I have been. It's some rad stuff.

I've since decided to actively integrate champagne into my diet. Sure, it's an expensive habit, but then I don't do cocaine.

From now on, I'm going to doing less wine and more champagne. It just about made me enjoy myself immensely at this thing.


po said...

Loool champagne: definitely the way to survive any situation.

Flarkit said...

The word is 'chutzpah' (also the sound of a cork hitting a soapie-character on the forehead) and it seems that you have it in flute-loads! :-)

Peas on Toast said...

po - why hello! Champers is the magical elixir I tell you. Where has it been my whole life?

Flarkit - hahah love the image of the cork hitting the soapie star. And being described as having chutzpah is great! I can think of worse things, so thank you :)