Tuesday, October 04, 2011

lasers and californian wine

Day 3 of titivating around 'The Valley.'

I'm more grumpy than I was last year. Age and jet lag obviously don't bode well, and come late afternoon I'm either drooling in a chair trying to stay awake or otherwise running off to find a doughnut I can eat.

That's the other thing. My worst fears have been confirmed. Although my Diet Buddy is here with me and we are trying our best to avoid the giant fucking portion sizes of death - it's fucking hard when the food is in your face the whole time.

I mean, fresh baked cookies are part of the offerings for breakfast here. As well as breakfast burritos, cheesy stir fry, anything you can dream of.

We walked into a cafe for lunch yesterday and had to literally stumble around the chaos, trying to locate the soups and salad bar without being distracted by the pizza stand. Then ended up eating a bunch of other crap anyway.

America might be the best goddamn country in the whole goddamn world (well, no, not especially, but i heard that somewhere), but the food will be the death of me.

I didn't lose 7 fucking kilos only to put it back on again because Monsieur Hershey found me in the United States, you know what I mean?

Anyway enough of the bitchin'. Jet lag and falling off diet wagons aside, we had a fun activity yesterday after our seminars.

Laser Quest. Dude.

Everyone seems to have played it in their misspent youths. Not me. You put on a jacket with lots of flashing lights, grab a laser gun and then a group of you run off into a dark labyrinth and try not to get shot while shooting other people.

No bullets, just lasers motherfucker.

Well blow me down and call me Cerys.

I nearly didn't do it, because I was wearing a blazer and heels, but I'm freakin' glad I did in the end.

Armed, I unleashed the fury. And came 4th out of 40 other players in my group.

"Peas, you did so well because you're from Johannesburg right?"

Peas: Right. Because I had a machine gun in Joburg, yeah?

"Yeah you know, all the guns and shit there you must be a pro at shooting."

Peas: Totes. Like we all just shoot each other all the time. It's like the wild west there.

Yip. the legend of my hometown has hit America.

But suffice to say, I was running around in heels and a blazer with a laser. And I fucking annihilated the crew.

Then we went for dinner, and drank a lot of Californian wine. Napa Valley style.

So no real complaints. Just gotta lay off the doughnuts.


Flarkit said...

LaserQuest rawks, hard. And you rocked it even harder, with your laser-blazer of awesomeness! You're like... the Laser-Blazer-Babeser!

Remember, too many donuts makes you a an easier target to hit, cos you'll be bigger 'n slower B-D

(and we'd have to call you something uncool like "Laser-Blazer-Grazer")

The Chantal said...

OH MY GODDDDDDDD, I grew up playing laser games all the time (we called it laser games), it was awesome and I miss it!!! I can't believe you played it for the first time at 31...and didn't you once post that you didnt do ten pin bowling as a kid, lol what did you do?????????? Have you been go-kart racing? played air hockey in an arcade? ice skating I hope.

as for the food, much willpower is needed, you can do it!!! and isn't like everything deep fried there. omg I want one of those chocolate cupcakes, ring ding or ding dong, that you buy pre-packaged in a shop, and hersey granola bars!!! omg :/ eat one for me :P 16 years since i was in america and i still long for that shit.