Friday, January 13, 2012

day two

The frustration continues. While I can kind of scupper around, it's difficult to actually move.

But I'm getting somewhere today. The pain is subsiding, as is the swelling, and also not bursting into tears all the time, which is great.

The things I remember most from this entire ordeal is this:

Asking the anaesthetist what happens when I go to sleep
...and her reaction to my question. It's like no-one's ever bothered to ask?
Peas: So apparently you put a pipe down my throat.

Anaethetist: Er...yes, why? [completely taken aback]

Peas: Well what happens?

Anaethetist: We put this down your throat, alongside a [box thingie] and this helps you breathe, as you'll be on a ventilator. I'll need to paralyse you, as this operation needs your reflexes to be completed paralysed. So we'll need to make you breathe through a machine.

Peas: Jesus H. Christ. Somebody get me a tranquiliser.

Anaethetist: See?

The gas
I got the gas when I had my wisdom teeth taken out when I was 15. I asked for gas again this time, because if you can avoid getting a needle stuck into you, then fair play.

You take a few breaths, and this wonderful really relaxing high hits you for about 4 glorious seconds. I remember holding the gas mask to my face and saying, "That's better," when it started to work. If only you could float on the lights like I did for 4.2 seconds.

Then complete blackness, literally out of nowhere, boom. I remember nothing more.

Falling in and out of sleep in mid-sentence, all day long
"My Brit, You're here, can I...zzzzzzzzz."

"I last had a pee when...zzzzzz"

"Hi. Sorry I was saying about my pee. I last peed....zzzzz"

"Hi. Back in the room. I need to pee....wait....zzz."

I'm scared to hear what's next. Drugs involving putting me into a "pre-menopausal" state have been tossed around. And I've blanched at the thought and said no.

But perhaps need to do research. And find out why.

It must be said, my Brit has been an absolute Godsend. How I managed to get so lucky, I dunno. But he has been absolutely amazing. Bringing me all the right stuff when I need it, including the really important items like the latest copy of Hello and high doses of codeine.
He's been doting and incredible.
I don't know what I would've done without him.


Kerry said...

Hang in there Peas. Had severe endometriosis too. When I woke up from my op the doctor had removed one of my ovaries too! WTF. Anyway, all better now and luckily no recurrence.
Hope you feel better soon. xxx

Syd said...

Speedy recovery wishes and may the bod be as good as ever.

Eileen said...

Love you Aunty Peas, never comment but follow you religiously from good old Durb's. Have similar problems too and it's the pits.
Sending mucho big recovery wishes your way.

Little Miss Medic said...

Sounds like you have The Brit well trained :)

Peas on Toast said...

Kerry - thank you! I cannot believe he just removed it - you gave him permission first I hope? I would be devastated, and am so sorry yours was so severe. xxx

Syd - thank you!x

Eileen - ah bless you! And all the way from sunny awesome Durbs. Thanks so much for your kind words, and sorry to hear you have similar issues too. It seems like we are definitely not alone! x

Medic - Either he's well trained or just awesomely programmed - I tend to think it's a bit of both, mixed in with a huge heart :) xx