Wednesday, January 25, 2012

flat out nancy

I may be wearing red tights, but that doesn't mean I'm not serious about being serious.

It's about two weeks until I get to South Africa. Nerves and anxiety have been replaced - refreshingly - with pure, unadulterated excitement.

I don't really care if shit has changed or if shit hasn't - I'll be seeing mates, family and I'll be reintroducing my skin to an old friend called Sun.
I'll be celebrating Poen's wedding, and showing the Brit around new places.

I can't control what it's going to be like, I can only go home with an open mind.

It's just getting there without drowning in work before I do go.

While I'm all excited and happy for a holiday, I have a fuckload to do before I go. My calendar is filled with shit I have to finish at work, or stuff I have to handover while I'm away.
I have launches I need to rocket into space while away and when I'm back.

Shit has never been so chaotic and flat out. All in preparation for my trip away.

Being away for three weeks, is a lifetime, not a holiday. Three weeks without checking mail or taking calls from journalists? Now that's what I'm scared of. The length of time involved and whether the world will fall apart while I frollick along the Garden Route blissfully unaware of what is going down in London town.

But shit never really falls apart, the world continues to spin when you're away, someone has to step up in your absence and they always do.

My aunt has also taken a turn for the worse. My aunt has been battling with the Big Horrible C for a while now, but it's become crucial over the last year or so. And especially crucial now. I am her only family relative here, and I fear for her while I am away. So besides focusing on work, my mind is definitely on my aunt at the moment.

There's a lot to get through over the next two weeks. And it's emotional.

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