Friday, January 20, 2012

palace & swiss

So. Not a normal Friday.

1) I'm going to the Royal household
2) [Then] I'm going to Switzerland

Best Friday ever?

I'm going to Buckingham Palace. Not for the changing of the guard or to wave a flag about. I'm going inside.

It's for work. It's days like these I really do love my job, even if it does take up 90% of my life.

I'm wearing a Kate Middleton-esque Zara dress (Cream. For virginity. Natch). And my signet ring on my pinkie finger to demonstrate...good breeding.

Mainly so that they know I am with the general palace vibe.

Oh my God, I'm actually nervous. I'm not meeting HRH or anyone like that, but I am nervous.

Then afterwards, I'm flying to Zurich. The Brit is there for work, and am going to meet him for the weekend. I have been to the French side of Switzerland, but never the German.

Besides banks and suits, I'm expecting snow and good food. And trains that run on time. And chocolate.

Eidelweiss (and er, how do you do?)

Better go check to see if there's anything in my teeth before heading to the palace.

PS: Is this really happening to me?


Flarkit said...

OMW!!! Please send some Swiss chocolate this way! I'll be in your debt big time ;-D

SpecialK said...

Peas! Woke dreaming of you. Nothing salacious - chill. Hope you're holding up A-OK
, chicken xxx