Tuesday, February 07, 2012

is there green tea in the shops

The tears have stopped, and now I'm just feeling a bit angry.

Tomorrow I might be in denial. The next day acceptance. Whatever it is, I'm going through the motions.

And now started to stress. Fuck. Do I remember how to get to Sandton from Pretoria?
Oh my God. I have to drive on the N1. Is it full of hijackers who want to eat me alive?

Well, I'm not thatbad, but it does cross your mind.

Also organising my calendar. So I can see everyone I have to see. It's filling up, it won't be chilled times.
And getting into gear for Poen's festive wedding.

I land and go to a dress fitting. Let's hope this pale, pasty ass isn't completely Anglofied.

Dude. I've never taken the Gautrain. It wasn't ready when I left. So it's really weird to be able to say, "Don;t worry, you can just drop me at the station and I'll train it to Pretoria."

WTF? Really?

Dude. Do they have green tea in the shops. <----that is the sort of bullshit babblewock I'm coming out with right now. Maybe my brain's tired with grief, or something's gone awry but What the fuck? I drank green tea in South Africa for 29 years, so why am I asking such stupid questions?

Mate. I need a holiday.


ktp said...

Read this while drinking green tea. In Joburg. You will be fine I promise nothing has changed :) Except the Gautrain. Take it when you miss London, it is basically the tube but with friendly people ;)

Flarkit said...

Jozie hasn't completely crumbled yet. The sun shines (lots), the place is green(ish) and there's still some fine places to enjoy a cocktail with friends, whilst munching on fresh fusion foodstuff.