Friday, April 27, 2012

three things


As we speak, there's a bomber who has taken four people hostage two blocks away from where I am sitting.
An average Friday? Here's Sky News' take on it. Our office is two blocks away, but Tottenham Court Road has been cordoned off.

Apparently he has 'gas canisters' strapped to his chest. Glade? Or Cyanide? It's not jihad, it's a grievance over not getting his lorry license.

He's been there for hours.

I bought a pair of geek spectacles yesterday. New 'John Major meets my Gran,' specs.
They're fake, and they look fucking ridiculous. But I don't wear glasses. (Yet). And since it's become insanely on trend to wear fake glasses - you can literally buy them everywhar - I got myself a pair.

Wore them all day. Got ridiculed. Tried to look serious and got a few stares on the tube, because they are too big for my pip.

Wore them to meetings. To the dentist to get my teeth whitened (they are HOLLYWOOD white now. Word), wore them to the grocery store.

Will endeavour to wear them twice a week. People do react differently to you when you look like a femi-Steve Urkel.
Although this picture doesn't quite have the desired affect. This is more 'Bank Robber meets terrorist.'

Am hosting an all-girls swishing party tomorrow.

Now I'm ridiculously excited. Around eight girls are coming over to our shoebox flat (the Brit/boy is safely in Israel), and we are swapping clothes.
Swishing, is like, totally trending on Twitter right now. Up there with 'Tottenham Court Road,' (ref. gas canister guy above.)

You bring your clothes and barter. Totes recession friendly. Totes sociable. Totes a reason to drink champagne. Totes a reason to get your hands on your mates awesome shoes.

So what is 'swishing' anyway? Glad you asked. Wikipedia definition here.
It's really just a street term for 'swapping clothes.' It's spring, so people should really be having clean-outs anyway.

Will need to make 'eats' and things.  


Anonymous said...

WHAT THE FUCK LOL, you are so eccentric. I once wore rims without the lenses to a night club but I think it just looked like real glasses. you on the other hand hmmmmmmmmmm, hahh hah. You're so kooky its awesome.

Where's pic of the white teeth?

As for hostage drama, Friday, westville hospital, guy demanded to see dr then started shooting n injured a few ppl, then went to kitchen level and took ppl hostage. Heard police shot him dead, hope so.


Peas on Toast said...

Hi Chan - hehe glad you like them :) or at least someone does!

Was also meant to reply to your comment about you having read this for at least 5 years - that's amazing! How the hell have you managed to do that?!
Am terribly honoured so that's so much xxxx

Anonymous said...

hmmmm how have I managed, gee maybe coz you're so funny and entertaining maybe.... :)