Friday, May 25, 2012

booked to go

Touched a handrail. Am sick.

Weather outside is so lovely and sunny, and all I can envisage is getting drunk on LemSip, splayed out on the couch in a fever.

On a positive note, The Dove and i are booked for our Baltic trip. I got my visa, with the various trails and tribulations, and have booked out flights to Tallinn, Estonia.

We are staying in this one place in Latvia, which boasts as its top selling points, 1) AK47 shooting in a genuine Soviet bunker and 2) bobsledding with the Latvian Olympic bobsled team.

Dude. Sold. We're in.

Got insurance in case we fall off our bobsleds. Looks like one of the main tourist highlights for Baltic travellers are shooting things. Every place we've looked at mentions in big capital letters: * AK47 SHOOTING! (WE HAVE 13 GUNS!!!) *

It's also the new place for stag do's it seems. Catering for groups of English (pikeys? Or the more cultured Brits d'youthink?)One dude said his mate's stag do involved being collected at the airport by a 'limo that was filled with a bunch of ho's...and AK47 shooting.'


So methinks we are in for some more...extreme sports that side of Russia.

I wonder if it'll snow?


Anonymous said...

I have been a long time reader of your blog but never commented. But today I felt I should..

I think I have stayed at that place in Latvia in October last year. Is it a hostel by any chance? If so it is amazing, the staff are brilliant and you are right in the centre.

My boyfriend did the shooting thing and I went along and watched. Was pretty good. The instructor was the Latvian womans shooting champion. Scary ass woman!!!

I also recommend getting a train out to Jurmela to the beach. Its some strange town that is built like an american suburb. Plus the train is an ex soviet one and pretty awesome!

I look forward to seeing what you think of Estonia because we are thinking of going there this year. Hope you have a good time!

Kim said...

From a 'long time ago' reader...

I used to read your blog back in 2007 (maybe?) when I was sitting in my office at a big corporate telecoms company in North Acton (usually late at night whilst waiting for numbers to load into the big crunching machine) reading and wishing I was back in SA.... Havent read for a while and whilst stuck in my office on a Sat waiting for some files to upload (into a smaller crunching system than before) I remembered your blog again.

Seems as though we have swopped locations and for the first time in 4 years I find myself missing my London life which for some reason I was so desperate to escape back then.

Ive swopped my travelling and hip-city living for a more quieter shacked up domestic existence. Makes me think that no matter where we are, we will always be restless souls and deep inside me there is this little fire than burns to just up and leave it all again.

Thanks for the memories Peas. I will now live vicariously through you.... AGAIN.

Kim said...

Oh... And reading back now... When I arrived back in SA. My first job back here was with those Nivea people. It didnt last long as I soon realised that I was back in the same place I was in London, just in a different office with a better view, so working for myself now which also has its downs but at least it means I can go into the mountains and ride my mtb if the workload allows! But anyway, I did ask them about that magic glitter creme... I never got a straight answer and please let me know if you ever found a replacement good enough for you!

Peas on Toast said...

Thanks Anonymous and Kim for making yourselves known and for your awesome comments. Kim, amazing how our lives have been inverted? And that you've been reading for 5 years, that's pretty amazing - thanks for being such a loyal reader!

Anon - and same sentiment to you, thanks for reading this for so long! And thanks for your tips on Estonia.