Tuesday, May 15, 2012

force of habit

Isn't that Ridge? Ron Moss, is that you, you funny sonofa?

Confession time. Picked up three controversial habits over the last little while. Without initiating the circle of blame that is circulating our household at present for one of them, I'll jump straight in.

A problem shared is a problem halved and all of that. In the spirit of, lately I have been:

1) Browsing the aisles and various online portals (Selfridges...) for designer handbags.
Ever since I bought my first Mulberry last month, (which I am wearing everywhar and have named it Philippa because it deserves it's own name), I have developed a sweet tooth for gourmet, buttery leather handbags.

Blame She Who Also Loves Tweed who introduced me to Mulberry and all it's leathery amazeballness. My bag is hotter than Gisele Bundchen's ass on a hot tin roof.

As far as habits go, I only give it a 7/10. Fairly innocuous sort. You can't buy a bag everyday. Bags don't give people cancer. If they're good, they last a lifetime. They wear-and-tear well.

My current shortlist:


Michael Kors
Marc Jacobs (my favourite. Want to thrust my face into the leather and it's radical redness)


Selfridges does next day delivery. To my desk. Pwned.

2) Downloading - not streaming for free - but paying for it on iTunes, compilation CDs that are really really lame.
I just paid £9.99 for Soul Sisterz a three disc compilation.
It's soul music for old people. (Wince.)

I've now got too much soul to be put in a hole.
And that's not even the worst of it. Last week it was the £9.99 Ministry of Sound's version of Garage Beatz of the 90s.

Hold me.

One click, ka-ching. That's all it takes. I'm about this close to finding all of the Now's and doing the same thing. It's just. Too. Easy.

I feel so dirty.

3) The Brit and I have taken up and quit smoking, about six times in the last six weeks.

We have quit again now. Each week, it's with the same fevour and tenacity. We don't actually want to be gaffers anymore.
The problem is the weekend comes along, and suddenly there we are.
And when Monday finally dawns, we have to face the long week nicotine-free. I don't think this is making us particularly nice people to be around.


Better buy a bag. And a compilation CD.


The Eye said...

I never quite get the bag thang... though I suppose it does round off the entire package, as in stylish miss with sexy Levis, heels, and a classy handbag.............. Yeah, I suppose so..... : 0

Flarkit said...

You grab yerself those bags and roll around in the bed with them, whilst playing Soul Sisterz super-loud in the background. It's those little things that keep us sane. Ahem.