Thursday, July 26, 2012

sleep deprivation

Have had two hours of sleep. Been working on the "large sporting event" that is to commence in London tomorrow, across various time zones and countries.

On the week I am not drinking and smoking, I get thrust into a swirling pool of Olympic-sized effluent.

Regardless, I've never been one to cope well without sleep. The wonderful Margaret Thatcher (and what a fabulous old tart she is) got by with an average of 5 hours a night. All while writing things like "legislation" and claiming back the Falklands.

I'm a drooling retard if I get less than 8. I'm like an iPhone battery. When I need to charge, I need to charge hard. If I get unplugged from the wall too soon, I lose the will to live the next day.
I behave like I would if I was hungover. Not very articulate, leaving vital things out of sentences like verbs.

Right now, I want to sleep so hard that I sleep the shit out of my bed.
Does that make sense?

When I don't get no sleep, I also get very very grumpy.
So I thought, instead of ranting with loose, meaningless words , that takes loads of effort and precious brain processing power I'd just whack a whole bunch of appropriate memes up instead.

PS: Olympics starts tomorrow. Goodie.

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