Friday, July 27, 2012

it's time!

In about an hour, I hope to slip out of the office and head towatds the busiest place on the planet.

I can literally say that I am going to the busiest place on Earth; where everyone who has access to TV or radio waves, are poised to view.

In case you're one of these people, visiting and clogging up the streets with your tube maps and A-Z Guides, here is some sound advice.

A friend is hosting an Opening Ceremony party tonight, and depending how you see it, luckily/unluckily lives right next to the Olympic Park.
like, her balcony literally opens out onto it. So if we can actually get there,  then it should be amazing to watch. (On the TV and outside).

The Brit and I have been strategising on various ways in which to travel and whether there is any possible way to avoid the Central Line at any cost. The answer is no.
Hiring two segways for us has actually crossed my mind. But then we'd just chug along like dicks at a 45 degree angle, and it would take us three days to get there.

When do you think we should leave for Stratford? I ask yesterday at lunch.
She Who Also Loves Tweed: Yesterday.

Hopefully it'll be worth it in the end when they unleash the fireworks and Jeremy Hunt unleashes his bell end flying again.

Or they raise the enemy's flag instead of your own.

Only the Brits can make their Olympics a sporting event and a comedy roadshow.

God it's brilliant.

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