Monday, August 13, 2012

weekend in the country

This is a picture I took of the Brits parents' back yard this weekend.

We haven't spent a weekend with them in their home in Hampshire for ages and ages, so we jumped in the car, with Wayne and Dwayne - my guinea pigs - and stayed with them for the weekend.

A weekend in the country you say?

It was glorious. For one, it's two hours south of London. Perhaps there's a threshold in Britain, but there seems to be a line you cross as you go closer to France, where suddenly everything's all sunny.

It seems to happen as you pass the service station with the MacDonalds drive-thru in Fleet. Suddenly sunny.

Anyway, I spent an inordinate amount of time sitting in their garden, on a bean bag, opening myself (and my legs) to the elements. I even took my stockings off. (Christ Almighty, it was that hot.) Generally trying to disengage and destressify from the past week's events.

How wonderful it was to lol about on (real!) grass , on the pinot grigio, falling asleep in the sun.
We also hit the local farmer's market happening - where there are tents and stalls spilling over with country cheeses, infused with things like pepperdews, and endless cakes and pies.

Jesus, so many pies.

About ten types of pasties, and locally brewed ciders (one glass and you're laughing), chutneys and a tea bar. Only in britain can you go to a farmer's market and stumble upon a Twinings Tea Bar.

Dogs and horses being pulled around, and things like tractors for sale and those twee little signs that say "I love wine so much I even put it in my food."

The Brit and I had a grand old time, and got back to face the music: no more olympics from today. I mean, what the fuck are we meant to do now? Go back to watching shit on telly. That's what.

Thank God The Bachelor is on tonight, or I'd have nothing to look forward to. We are all a bit down in the dumps chez London. Dude, everyone's left the party and gone home. We are the people left to pick up the broken bottles and remember the good times.

The Brit and I sat huddled on the couch last night, all a bit teary eyed. We really did put on a good show, didn't we?

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