Wednesday, September 19, 2012

the aftermath

My feet have only just hit the floor (it's Wednesday, and you have no idea how much overwhelming crazy organising I've had to start doing. Crisis.)

Wedding planning isn't for pussies, people.

And reading up about stuff on the Internet only fuels the blood pressure, it doesn't help at all. It just makes you realise how much is involved getting a wedding off the ground.

After much to and froing, we've settled on a rough date, venue availability permitting. And in South Africa. (Booze is cheaper (obvs the most important factor), weather is predictable, and my possie don't need to fanny about with visas. Oh and I'm from there, so that's also completely relevant.)

My head has been in overdrive, as we don't have much time. I'm freaking out just a little bit.

(But also obviously ridiculously excited.) I've just come to realise quite early on that I'm definitely not the squealing, bubbly "oh-my-god, so excited about the napkins!" type of bride-to-be. I'm looking for the most practical and easy solutions to get this going.

It's a minefield out there. So consider yourselves warned, ladies.


Flarkit said...

That makes the 2nd ex-Saffer-lass I know who roped herself a Brit and then got the whole future in-law lot to haul their britbutts over to balmy ZA for the big event. Much sunshine and decent grog was consumed on a pretty plot of Saffer earth :-)

MamaMeeA said...


I suggest you save yourself a lot of shit and hassle (and the potential label of "Bridezilla" - it happens to the best of us!) and hire yourself a wedding planner. Especially if you're not the flipping for napkins kinda gal. Also, Pinterest is your friend. :-)

Happy planning!

Pebbles said...

OOOh yes, Pinterest is definitely a good start. Good luck with all the planning stuff. My biggest bit of advice is this: Do it as long as you enjoy it. All the little jobbies that don't get your rocks off? Pass it to someone else. This is supposed to be fun! And above all else, just chill. Don't spend a fortune on small stuff. Nobody is going to notice the napkins or the flowers or thee boutonieres (spelling?)etc etc etc.