Friday, October 05, 2012

michael mcintrye & girls

Well, we got through a fairly substantial amount of bubbly alcohol last night, in the cosy atmosphere of She Who Hates Socialists' new flat.

Conversation, after first ranting about the shit in our lives that is currently annoying us, turned to discussions around a long weekend together somewhere.

We were quite animated at this point, and everyone was getting very excited when I suggested we go to Brugge in Belgium for the Christmas markets. You know, gluhwein, gingerbread, steaming plates of sausages and Christmassy shit everywhere - you know, cute. And a great place to stuff your face and be cold at the same time.

Socialist hater: Brugge? Really? I mean, that's practically in Belgium!

Peas: Yes. Almost there.

We all had a necessarily good blow out about the aspects of our lives that are truly hideous at the moment.

She Who Hates Socialists is currently in crutches, after tripping over her cat - whose name is Dave but she calls Monty - and managed to break her toe with her crutch. Oh the ironies of life.

Two of our brethren are having man troubles.

I am experiencing latent wedding duress, alongside a very badly timed bout of PMT which is making me a bit psycho.

Everyone tried on my ring and twisted it around their wedding fingers three times and made a wish, which is apparently a Scottish tradition.
We laughed uproariously, drank too much and the world was suddenly a much kinder place.

Tonight the Brit and I are going to see Micahel McIntyre live at the O2 in Greenwich.
Dude. This is just so exciting. It's the Brit's birthday this Sunday, and he booked this more than a year ago. We need to kind of put aside our wedding stress, go out on the tiles and laugh a lot.

I love Michael McIntyre. The guy's a fucking legend. He can also come up with material for two hours at a stretch. He is most known for the The Man Drawer sketch, and probably the most hilarious, is his sketch on London and the commute we face as Londoners everyday. (Definitely worth a listen Especially if you live here.)

Anyway, we are fans and we are completely chuffed that we got the shit tickets to see this dude.

On London, It may be shit and raining and cold outside - but the tweed is out, as is the fake fur and the suede, and I do love this big old city. I saw the modified tube map pic yesterday and had a chuckles. 'Gays' and 'Films' and 'Skinny Jeans'. I do live in a great place.

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