Monday, October 08, 2012


 So. It's pretty much winter. It's wet and grey and cold outside.

And I've decided to approach this - my third winter here - with a completely different attitude than ever before.
For the first time ever, I'm joyously happy it's winter. I'm actually quite looking forward to it when it really comes down.

Why? Am I nuts? (Yes, but my reasons below would be quite valid for a person that isn't nuts too.)

For one, we didn't have much of a summer, so it might as well be winter. There's less hope and expectation. If it's shit outside, it's because it's meant to be shit. I'm not waking up expecting to see the sunshine, or worse still, hoping that it shines. I can awake, look out the window and be safe in the cosy familiarity that the rain is coming down because that's what God fucking intended.

Secondly, I'm up for the challenge.  I've done this a few times now. I know my enemy. And I'm going to TAKE HIM DOWN LIKE AN AVOCADO IN COLORADO. Winter can drag down and beat the spirit of even the most brazen personality in this place.

It's dark for about 18 hours a day, in the deepest parts of winter, it's cold and it rains pretty much every five seconds.  Well Bring. It. The. Hell. On. I'm not scared of Winter anymore. I am not only embracing it, but I've chosen to love it. * I love the cold - you can wrap up, drink warm cider, turn on the heating, and wear five thousand layers.

OK the layers are annoying, because it takes hours to take them off. And getting changed in the dark is a mare.

But winter clothes are standard and perfunctory and solid. And mostly black.

Sure, you wear the same coat every single day for 6 months, but you have all the cashmeres, the hats, the millions of scarves. Everything just becomes that much more European and crisp and beautiful.

Thirdly. I can hibernate. My body goes into animal mode, where I turn to food and shelter as my modes of survival. This happens whether I like it or not. But it's great. Warm nights indoors, eating  hearty soups or stews, watching crap telly and generally being indoors a lot. Dude. I LOVE hibernating.

Fourthly. Silly season. When it gets cold, people start having Christmas parties and getting their fun on. So when I'm not hibernating, I'm usually at a party. There's snow at least once, which gets everyone all excited because the trains stop working so you can't go to work, oh and pies. We eat pies.**

Bring it bitch.

* This statement may be subject to change in January/February.

**other people eat pies. I have developed gluten intolerance and need to fit into a wedding dress after this is over.

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