Tuesday, October 09, 2012

sod it

Sod and his law is just ridiculous. Somebody change his policy. For God's sake.

We're getting married, and within the last few days, all of our stuff has started to break.

Our shit is packing up. The washing machine grinded to a noisy halt on Saturday (it sounded like it was spinning war shrapnel, not clothes), and the shower is no longer hot suddenly.

Just really really cold. (The bath is hot, but not the shower. I bath, so I am fine. The Brit, however, is having one helluva time in these current wintry morning conditions.)

The china pump action soap dispenser I bought (HAI! I iz all grown up, we have a REAL soap dispenser), is now bust, spraying liquid soap all over the shop.

Basically everything is breaking. Obviously Lord Sod knows that we are saving (mainly. Bar one or two new winter purchases by way of new woolley jumpers and ..a hat), so he's decided to just go ahead and break everything.

Am back on crazy diet plan. So can be skinny bitch at my wedding.



Anonymous said...

You could use this opportunity to put some of the breaking things on your gift registry.

Peas on Toast said...

Yes I could anonymous - good thinking ;)