Wednesday, November 14, 2012

the fine balancing act of balance

There's always a balance isn't there? And if disturbed, everything can go cataclysmically wrong.

For example:

Dieting versus bingeing
Mainly, I watch most of what I eat during the week. I would consider myself a healthy, green tea imbibing, mostly-pescatarian, dairy-free, 5-a-day type of person. When the weekends come, I reward myself for my good habits by cracking open the wine, smashing a burger or pizza in my face, smoking the occasional cigarette and generally, undoing everything I have tried so hard to abide by during the week.
It's a bad cycle, and is proving quite difficult to balance out. Something I am always trying to consciously do. I need to feel healthy. Because when I don't feel healthy (hungover/coughing/tired) I really feel it. (Old age?)

What you need versus what you want
I think I need spectacles. Real ones. I wear fake ones from time to time, because sometimes it pays to look nerdy. I work in a nerdy company, so try to trust me on this one. Also fake spectacles are much like any accessory you might put with an outfit - like a necklace or scarf. IMHO anyway.

My vision has really taken a knock lately, possibly because I spend around 9 hours in front of a computer on average, and more if you take my smart phone into consideration.
I want to be able to delay wearing glasses as much as possible, because once you wear them, that's it.
So what's the balance?

Welcome advice versus 'my view' bombardment
Thanks to the needed advice from many of you and my friends, I feel like I have a firm grip on our wedding plans. There is, however, another side to wedding-related opinion: how someone (often a family member) thinks your wedding should be done. Needing to get their views across, as they have a firm idea of how they would do it if this was their wedding.
If it was their wedding, they'd do it like [this]. If you haven't been a bride before, you would've heard the desperate bleats from brides-to-be angsting about the pushing and pulling of 'I must get this off my chest!' information they are subjected to. Unfortunately this information is never helpful. For a few reasons:

1) It's subjective advice. The advice brides like to seek is objective. From people who aren't emotionally involved in their personal process.

2) The opinions aren't actually about the wedding. It's about how they feel about money, or family, or tradition, (for example) in general. 

3) The person delivering their opinion of what they think the wedding should look like/what money should or shouldn't be spent, etc etc, doesn't stop after the first go. They won't back down, but instead continue to bang on about it, hoping that with each time, they wear the bride down just a little more. It's rare that this opinion is positive. This just riles the bride and makes her rebel against every opinion the person puts across; effectively acting in completely the opposite way the person intends.

Taking advantage of final opportunities versus sticking to your guns
While it would be inaccurate to say we'll be housebound each and every single night until end-April, we are mostly not doing anything extravagant until then.

Except for two things. One we paid for before we got engaged, so it totally doesn't count. The Killers are in town on Friday! And we are going to see them. We're gigging with Brandon and his alarmingly piercing voice!

Secondly, I'm having a very South African problem. Coincidentally, me and a fellow Saffa mate's Schengen visas expire beginning of December. Which means we have one weekend left to go on  one last jaunt to Europe. Given my love for travel and Europe and general, it would kill me not to take the opportunity.

We are only going to Bruges for the weekend to take in the Christmas markets and eat Belgian waffles and spot paedophiles, but still. It's probably the last time I'll be in Europe for a while.

Then I'll be totally housebound until April. See? Balance.

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Anonymous said...

Getting married is no child's play, I planned my wedding a long time ago even have a scrapbook to show. Downside is I'm not getting married or engaged but my sister is. She is using my scrapbook down to the playlist and its like its my wedding. So with every problem she comes running to me so it like I'm getting married *sigh

With so much stress I don't think I wanna go through it again so....wait for it.....I'm not getting married if I do it's gonna be a court affair