Thursday, November 15, 2012

the bridge


I've finally crossed the bridge.

I haven't been to a gym since 2003. (Someone at work today: "You haven't done exercise since 2003? That's pretty impressive.") No, I have - although I can count the times on one hand - I just haven't been to a gym in 9 years.

Well that's just changed. Am scared of waking up to having massive wing-like bingo arms suddenly.
That can happen right? Suddenly you wake up and it's like "Arrgh fuck. My metabolism has finally decided to kick the bucket."
Given it's winter and pies and gooey warm things are floating about, this makes the plausibility of ending up with ginormous arms all the more real. So have - against every grain in my body telling me otherwise - because this is the most unnatural state for me - joined the gym at work.

God. I wonder how this is going to turn out.

I bought some trainers today (also the first in 9 years. Forgot what trainers are like. Turns out they're seriously comfortable, I mean, get out!)

I'm a changed woman.

I'm training.
I'm crafting.
But I still own a gold cat with a waving arm that sits above our toilet.

That's what's important  here.


SpecialK said...
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Pebbles said...

Before the wedding you should take those tekkies (!) and bling them with whatever craft stuff you have left (especially glitter). Then wear them when your feet get tired of your fancy wedding shoes.