Friday, November 16, 2012

the killers

It's touch and go on Killer's Day, as I report from the Western Front.
 He with piercing vocals no more?

Frontman Brandon Flowers pulled a sickie four songs into the Manchester gig last night, citing "sore throat."

It's 3:09pm and thus far haven't heard that the Killers concert won't go ahead in London in a few hours. I trust that the man has been gargling like a little bitch.

I'm ready for gigging. I have my 'I [heart] Pies' t-shirt on, ready to throw some weight around the mosh pit.
(for the last Killers concert in Johannesburg, I distinctly remember wearing a 'Buenos Fucking Aires' shirt - I'm not going soft I assure you - I just didn't need to go into the office that day, did I.)

Anyway, personal message to Brandon Flowers five hours before the concert here:
1) Dude, we've totally been listening to your new album every single night on Jools Holland and Google Play. Your voice is phenomenal, so please for the love of Christ, gargle with anything you can find, please.

2) Dude, please.

3) Just gargle. Please.

Yours eternally, and in eyeliner,

Peas On Toast (and Mr O'Toast who is as concerned as I)*

* Mr Almost O'Toast.


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