Thursday, January 17, 2013

leaves, cranes & sweats

Crazy shit. That's happening right now.

I am almost a leaf
I've been eating a dizzying array of leaves. And green plants.

If I quantified it, it would be at least a full bath tub of foliage that has made it's way to the inner echelons of my colon.

I've also been busting my large, decidedly-Latino looking backside at the gym. It's hard to tell whether it has actually shrunk.

I'm been putting in the time. And while this has always been something "for me," and it's largely helping me cope mentally with things like 18 hours of darkness a day and stress at work, I'm still trying to get skinny.

Gym is my new going out. Leaves are my new pies. Water is my new wine.
How did my life become so fucking boring and yet so transitional?

Looks like this guy  - whom I shall name the Irish Ginger - is also enjoying the fruits of my so-called fad diet. It's not a fad, dog. IT'S A LIFESTYLE. Or, like we say in South Africa, a laafstaal.

It dawned on me that I've eaten so many greens over the last 17 days, I could literally start photosynthesizing myself.

The wedding is in almost 3 months
I'm having a few sweat attacks and panic-induced sleep interruptions at  night at the moment. I've been told it's normal.
Dreams and worries. This is a big step [is the biggest step ever?] and the realisation has hit me like a wet veil to the face that I'm actually getting, like, married.
This is it. No turning back. I am going to be a wife. Or, like we say in South Africa, a waaf.

This is freaking me out. I was assured over lunch with the girls, (one is married, one divorced and one single) that this is normal. The fitful adjusting of mindset. It's going to be OK right? It's going to be just like normal, even better maybe.

Perhaps it's because I have never been one of those girls that planned my wedding before I got engaged maybe? I didn't think about my dress, colour schemes, or anything remotely like that, because it just didn't seem like a plausible thing to happen. Now I'm all Pintrest and Wedding Diet and OMG Look At That Amazing Cake.

Scared, but also totally into the whole thing.

We've sent out the invitations, which I proud to say, mostly designed by myself. I found a template on T'internet, and tweaked it, added stuff, took out stuff and made it our own. And they're sent.

I have three campaigns to launch, execute and make a success of, before I get married

So yes, that's fun.

I narrowly avoided death yesterday
I take a train from Clapham Junction to Waterloo every morning, as part of my commute. We stop at Vauxhall station.

Usually around 8:00am. I missed this happening by about two minutes.
The crane they refer to - the one the helicopter crashed into - is a stone's throw from the station. My train had just left it's Vauxhall stop when the shit hit the fan.

Merely saying.

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cestlavietlb said...

Re: Wedding Panic. Totally normal. However, let me just say from my own experience that after you've extracted the last confetti from your bra and fondly waved good ridd... I mean, good bye, to family and friends. It will still just be the two of you. The same as you were before. Yes married and all that shit but it doesn't change who you are as people. He will still fart under the covers and you will still leave hair in the drain and you'll still fight about who unloads the dishwasher.

For me, that was the best and biggest surprise about marriage (so far). And really, it shouldn't have been.

xx It's going to be amazing!