Friday, March 15, 2013

cutting edge food place: the uk


I've spent the former part of this week chundering everwhah.

I think I've seen the back of it for now, but I feel like my body has sustained a giant thrashing from the Lord of Lambasement.

Possibly the most frustrating thing is that I've been so regimented and routined with my gym vibe (literally, been working out, without fail for five solid months now, every other day), and this has gone and slightly fucked that up.

I found biceps the other day - real biceps! - and it feels like this urchin virus thing has taken them away.

They're still there. Sort of. I guess. Too weak to actually reach across and feel. I've turned into one of those gym monsters. As in, step aside Junior, that's my fucking treadmill over there. And you're loitering by it.

Anyway. I'll try and lift a weight this afternoon, but it's not looking likely.

Something more upbeat, before Vomcano 3 000 entered the scene. A bunch of us went to a foodie festival last weekend. It's a thing here.

If you're not into your gourmet hotdogs and Michelin star fish & chips, you're not hipster enough. Or you're not really taking advantage of the current London foodie scene, which is literally, the scene.

And the Brit has grabbed onto it with both hands - he loves all things 'trendy food.' He follows gourmet hamburger feeds on Facebook and will stake out a hole in the wall in Dalston selling the latest in Vietnamese street food.

Borough Market is also one of the best places for good gourmet street food, as is Brixton Market.

He digs this stuff, to the point where he now runs a burger club. Him and the boys go on the hunt for London's best gourmet burger. The last best one he found was the 'Ron Jeremy,' at this foodie fest we went to.

We had a proper blow out. Ate everything in sight. It was totally amazebollocks, and very East London. (Skinny jeans and overly large spectacles at the ready...)

The festival was called Feast, held at Tobacco Dock in Wapping. Amazing organic, home made food, literelleh, everywhah.

 The venue
 Eton Mess with a twist. Meringues, toffee, chocolate and pistachios. By this stage I'd eaten about three burgers so luckily could only fit in a bite or two.
 Tobacco Dock
 Rated my best burger in London so far. (We have a list. Close second is Honest Burgers in Brixton.)

This is Elliot's Burgers from Borough Market. Small enough that you're not overly full, but so fuck off delicious...I nearly daad.
 The Mexican stall. Let's be honest, Mexicanos are the experts in original, delicious street food. I have a lot of time for tacos.
 One of the most popular stalls there. The Mac & Cheese stall. They made macaroni cheese classic (which was fugging delicious), but also with added zing. They added curry powder, or chorizo or other bits and bobs. The queues were out there all day long.

 Every type of meringue you could imagine. Including gin and tonic flavour.

 Which to have?!
Ended a bloody brilliant day out hoovering up London street foods, with a few whisky cocktails at the Powder Keg Diplomacy. This our local, just a block down from where we live. It's an old-school colonial 1920s sort of place, decorated in mismatched furniture and serve some of the best cocktails in London.

So all those who think the UK is still just bangers and mash, you're wronnnng dog. If there's one thing I can say for this funny old town is that the food scene is an explosion of all sorts of interesting (and sometimes even healthy!) things, especially at the moment.

That said, I have eaten digestive biscuits for three days running...

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Val said...

All looks delicious but something you ate there f***ed you up! Hope you are on the way to recovery and all will be bright and rosy in the days to come. :)