Thursday, March 07, 2013

goats yelling like humans

At the risk of this becoming 'YouTube week' on my blog - seriously, I cannot die unless I have shared these with the greater Internet.

And I am dying. My spleen is about to rupture from laughing.

Forget the Halem Shake, that shit is properly lame. Seriously, goodbye.

My open floor office is currently filled with  Tourettes goat's screams, erupting from every computer and cubicle in this place. Basically I'll forever remember this day as "Goat Day," in my memory banks.

THIS is where it's at. Screaming Goats. That sound like humans:

And the obligatory pitch-perfect Top 20 mash-ups that follow.

The Taylor Swift one:

Adele's SkyFall (literelleh, hysterical):

OMG Shut the front door, get off the bus. It's Usher:

Alicia Keys is on [insert screaming goat here]:

Then finally, related but not quite the same. Here's a Spanish guy having an argument with a spitting llama:

It's. Just. Too. Much.

Favourite sounds of all time? today?
1) Screaming goats
2) The Jackpot siren at a casino
3) Champagne cork bouncing off someone's head in a comic-like 'ka-thunk' noise.

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