Tuesday, March 05, 2013

harlem shakes



It's a sweltering 14 degrees today here in sunny, Spring-infused London!

I only had to wear a coat, one camisol and one jersey to work today.What a piece of piss, hoorah!

In other news, really bizarre and weirdly nostalgic YouTube video find today.
It's a sort of silent insight, via handheld camcorder, into 1980s South Africa.

Vintage cars, bleached sunshine, lots of a white people, and generally 80s-style in-the-middle-of-the-state-of-emergency video.
Couldn't stop watching. Perhaps it's the silence:

Most people are watching various, global impressions of the Harlem Shake.


"On February 10, the upload rate of Harlem Shake videos reached 4,000 per day. As of February 11, about 12,000 versions of the popular Internet meme had been uploaded to YouTube, garnering over 44 million unique views. By February 15, about 40,000 Harlem Shake videos had been uploaded, totalling 175 million views." - Wikipedia.

Just in from YouTube - over 250 000 videos uploaded, as of today.

 The Harlem Shake is this year's Gangnam Style. Just as irritating, just slightly more basic. The hype on YouTube first kicked off with a bored Norwegian army video, after this one was posted:

Clearly don't have many battles to fight up there in Borgen or Borgshus or Smorgsborgen or Smorgsborghusborgen or wherever they are, so instead make movies like this:

Then bunches of people around the world also started mass pelvic-thrusting, mostly in Speedos, and uploaded videos en masse to YouTube.
This one was vaguely exceptional:

..but mostly it's just people dry humping in small groups:

Today? YouTube mashup. "Fuck the Harlem Shake," mixed with Gangnam Style and Charlie Bit My Finger. You'll get an instant migraine:

Barry Shitpeas' (We're related!) take on what it actually is:

Then there's Jim I'll Paint It.

God I love the Internet.


Val said...

Glad the weather is warming up slightly there. We have had steaming hot for a couple of days but cooling a bit now and rain for tomorrow forecast!
Fascinated by that old video. Thanks for sharing. How technology has improved too!
The Harlem Shake I could do without. :)

Val said...
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