Tuesday, April 02, 2013

how to eat

 Lindt Bunny surprise attack from the bowels of my underwear drawer where the Brit placed it. Punished the bunny by beheading and devouring him.

Happy belated Easter!

Four day weekend - amazing. I packed a lot of stuff in, which I'll share later on. In the meantime:


Since jumping back on to my [mostly] strict anti-cancer, maximum-nutrition, health-is-king, vegequarian diet on 1st January, I have lost, to date:

Five kilograms. I have gone from a slightly heftier 62.5 to a cool 57.5 kgs. Which is where I want to stay, as it's my "ideal" body weight.
Pies. Not allowed. Except on the most indulgent occasions. This magnificent beauty is a chicken, mushroom and fucking champagne pie. By Bob Bob Ricard in Soho. It was amazing.
I have worked extremely hard. I've followed all the instructions that need to be followed.

It's also been a slow loss, which is healthier and more sustainable than starving yourself and being stupid about food.

So. If losing weight healthily, eating foods that give you the best in nutrition, and losing it so that you don't feel like you're missing out on the nice stuff appeals to you, then here is a leaf from my weekly book:

Typical Peas diet: (take note of protein, iron and calcium in every meal, despite not eating chicken/pork/beef/lamb; and not eating dairy.)


One cup foamy black coffee
Bowl of grapefruit, orange, mango and pineapple, topped with walnuts sesame seeds, pumpkin seeds.

Cup of green tea with a slice of lemon

Banana and three strawberries

Cup of green tea with lemon

Lunch (main meal):

Fillet of salmon/smoked salmon or fillet of cod or tuna, or handful of cooked prawns
Bowl of chunky vegetable soup
Handful of raw baby spinach leaves, rocket, fresh tomato, lettuce, topped with a lashing of olive oil and pumpkin seeds/edamame beans
Steamed broccoli/kale

My own homemade vegetable broth. Slow cooker style.

Jacket potato topped with baked beans or vegetable stew/curry
Ladle of chickpeas/Ladle of lentils
Fresh greens and endamame beans
Bowl of tomato and basil soup
Steamed broccoli/kale 

Cup of green tea with lemon
Tons of fresh green leaves, grated courgette and lentil stew.

Bag of low-cal popcorn or handful of nuts and seeds

Cup of green tea with lemon and bottle of water if I go to the gym

Korean food. Fresh vegetables cooked at the table in your warm clay bowl as you stir them around.


Omelet with spinach, tomato, mushrooms, garlic and onion


Two slices wholemeal toast with either:
 - Smoked salmon/tuna in brine/sardines on one slice
 - Lightly sauteed mushrooms and fresh tomato on another slice
 - with greens soup
Houmous and grilled msuhrooms.

Grilled fish with steamed vegetables (brocolli or spinach - rich in iron and calcium)


Two slices wholemeal toast with houmous and fresh tomato and/or lightly sauteed mushrooms and garlic
And one slice with baked beans and fresh tomato on toast

Dark chocolate/cup of low-fat hot chocolate/three ginger snaps/oat cookies

Camomile and honey tea

Peas weekly gym regime: (Monday, Wednesday Friday)

30 minutes treadmill, interval training. (Running for 5 minutes, power walking for 5 minutes with high inclines - wash, rinse and repeat)

15-20 minutes weights (with breaks in between). Focusing on arms and ass. Bicep and tricep curls, legs weights.

5-7 minutes cross training on heavy intensity for arms and legs.


I consider weekend 'down time/get loose,' where I allow myself things like alcohol, a fry up (smoked salmon, mushrooms and fried/scrambled eggs), a dessert of some kind, biscuits and a slap up meal of my choice.

Like this Easter. A box of Ferrero Rocher didn't get a chance to see the light of day - I smashed it. I miss my Brit, it was cold - what's a girl gonna do?

Besides, now that I have hit my goal weight, I can afford a few extra carbs here or there.

Thug Kitchen is some good inspiration. And look, he even speaks my [fucking] language.

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